PriorityONE Credit Union of Florida

Fraud Center

To report a Lost/Stolen Debit Card

  • during regular business hours call (954) 335-5100, option 2
  • after hours, weekends and holidays call 1-844-665-5228

To report your lost or stolen Visa Platinum Card call 1-800-449-7728

Security Tips

PriorityONE Credit Union will never contact you asking for your Personal Identification Number or account numbers.

Here are several effective security techniques that we encourage you to implement when you use the online banking service:

    1. Never reveal your password to anyone or leave your password anywhere that someone else can obtain and use it.
    1. Change your password on a regular basis.
    1. Use the Exit button to end each Internet banking session. Do not use the Back button to exit the site.
    1. Change your session timeout in User Options to a time that meets your needs.
    1. Balance your account on a regular basis.

We also have an Identity Theft Program that can assist you. If you suspect your identity has been stolen, one phone call to PriorityONE Credit Union will put you in touch with a certified Identity Recovery Advocate. Your assigned Advocate will provide a complete assessment of the case, develop a specific Recovery Plan with you, and continue to work on your behalf until all suspect events have been resolved. They do all of the legwork! Link to the Identiy Theft Program document the Products and Services Section

Useful Websites

About Phishing
Government Task Force on ID Theft
Federal Trade Commission Fighting back Against Identity Theft
5 Helpful Security Tip Videos

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